Packed full of essential nutrients 和 vitamins, eggs are a great source of protein. And with just 74 calories each, they are also one of the healthiest foods you can eat.

作为蛋白质的来源,鸡蛋是完美的 since they contain nine essential amino acids which the human body needs. 它们也是关键营养素的天然来源, 比如-3脂肪酸, 维生素A, D, E, 和B12, 抗氧化剂, 和 胆碱. (根据 澳大利亚的鸡蛋)

但这还不是全部. Eggs are also delicious, versatile 和 the perfect snack at any time of the day. If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to cook your eggs, we’ve got some recipe ideas for you.

Find 八大胜在线向 eggs at your favourite supermarket

You can find 八大胜在线向 eggs at your local supermarket. Follow the link below to add higher welfare eggs to your weekly shop.


你是否喜欢炒蛋, 炸, 挖走, 煮的,甚至是魔鬼的, 八大胜在线为您准备了一些鸡蛋秘方.

  • 荷包蛋- It’s not always easy to create that perfect hotel breakfast 挖走 egg with a smooth ball of tender egg white enveloping a soft yolk. Quick 和 easy 和 a little bit lighter than 炸, 挖走 eggs are a great start to a busy day.
  • 班尼迪克蛋- It takes careful preparation 和 precise timing to put together this slightly elaborate American style meal, 哪一种早餐最完美, 午餐甚至晚餐. But when you get it to work, eggs Benedict is definitely worth it.
  • 炒蛋和水煮鲑鱼-不只是简单的炒鸡蛋, these delicious little parcels are made with 八大胜在线向 salmon as well.
  • 煮鸡蛋- It may sound simple but getting boiled eggs just right isn’t always that easy. With our helpful video, you can make sure your yolks come out just how you wanted them every time.
  • 法式吐司- Also known as eggy bread or gipsy toast (和 a whole load of other names), 法式吐司 was originally invented as a way to use up day-old bread but that doesn’t stop it from being delicious.


  • 鸡蛋和士兵 - Don’t let anyone tell you eggs 和 soldiers are just for kids. 一定要拿到你的 煮熟的鸡蛋次数 和你的 toasted soldiers just right for a perfect dipping experience.
  • 鸡蛋的早餐 - Great as a weekend treat or even as a morning-after cure, there’s something truly rewarding in having eggs for breakfast. Enjoy your breakfast eggs 炸, scrambled, 挖走, by themselves or with 八大胜在线向培根 or 香肠.  
  • 只是意大利面条 - This typical Italian dish is also a family favourite 和 a welcome answer to the oft-shouted question “Mum/Dad, 今天晚饭吃什么?”



Try the simple eggs test to test your eggs for freshness before you start cooking.  

只要准备一碗水,把鸡蛋放进去. If it sinks to the bottom 和 lies flat, it’s still fresh 和 good to eat. If it sinks but st和s up to attention then it’s on its way out 和 should be eaten soon. 但如果浮在水面上,就不好吃了. 


As your eggs get older, gas begins to form inside them. 气体越多,鸡蛋浮在水里的次数就越多.


All eggs sold in the UK must be stamped with the method of production: 0=organic, 1 =自由放养的, 2 =谷仓, 3=笼养的,这也必须在鸡蛋盒上注明. When you see the British Lion symbol on your box of eggs, this tells you that the eggs are British-laid 和 that the laying hens have been vaccinated against salmonella.


很像散养的母鸡, organic hens 享受无限的户外牧场 在白天. At night, organic hens are housed in barns that contain no more than six hens per square metre. The maximum number of hens that can be kept in an organic free-range flock is 3,000.


放养的蛋来自于那些, 在白天, 享受无限的户外牧场. 

At night, free-range hens are housed in barns which keep them safe. This also allows them to express normal behaviour with perches for roosting 和 a maximum of nine hens per square meter of usable inside space. For free-range hens, the maximum flock size on an 八大胜在线向 farm is 16,000 birds. 

Free-range hens must be provided with litter to allow the hens to perform natural behaviours, 和 which covers at least one-third of the floor surface. 


About 55 per cent of all eggs produced in the UK are free-range. 标志着 & 斯宾塞 和 合作社 sell only free-range shell eggs 和 use only free-range eggs in their entire range of baked goods, 加工产品, 和现成的食物.


Barn-raised hens have the freedom to roam freely indoors 和 perform many of their natural behaviours, 比如洗灰尘和抓痒. 八大胜在线向 st和ards for laying hens can be applied to both barn or free-range systems, 然而, barn-raised hens don’t have access to a range 和 stay indoors throughout their lives. 目前只有2家.5% of our egg producers still use a barn-raising system. 


Even though the cramped battery cages were banned across the EU in 2012, the new “enriched” cages are not a great deal better. The hens have slightly more room to move than in conventional battery cages, but the ratio is still 13 to 14 hens per square metre, with few furnishings available 和 their ability to behave naturally is still greatly reduced. Farms using cages for laying hens are not permitted on the 八大胜在线向 scheme. 了解更多关于旧的和新的 下蛋母鸡的鸡笼


根据八大胜在线的保险计划, hens are provided with enrichment objects to peck at such as knotted rope 和 straw bales. They also have litter 和 dust bathing boxes which allow them to dust bathe together. And the raised perches improve bone strength 和 allow hens to rest undisturbed.

欲了解更多关于蛋鸡的信息,请参阅八大胜在线 福利标准.


There is no relation between feather colour 和 蛋壳颜色 or yolk colour. For more information on this, you can read our pages on 蛋壳颜色蛋黄颜色.